My brother and I are six years apart.  Since we’ve grown up (relatively speaking) and moved to Toronto, we’ve been housemates (I was his tenant at two apartments), musical cohorts (he usually strums the guitar and we sing a little duet), and friends.

But I remember a time when — oh, I’d say sometime in the 1990’s — I thought he was really ‘cool’.

He had a tape cassette of Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’, and so I just had to know every song on that tape.

My Mom was teaching back then, and sometimes she would borrow a camcorder from her school so we kids could make goofy home videos.  We loved that.  My brother and his best friend did a spoof of SCTV’s Bob & Doug McKenzie, complete with plaid jackets, toques, beer bottles (which they assured me were filled with water – did I believe them?), and of course lots of “koo-ROO-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-KOOOOO!”

And my brother’s favourite band, that he listened to religiously?


Anyways, the reason for this blog post today is that I didn’t really think about Nirvana for years…

… until now;  seems my boyfriend also loved Nirvana back in the day and put a few albums on his iPod, which I borrowed (took) last week.

I like to walk to places rather than drive or take transit, so I was on the go for a good half hour.  At first, I was content listening to the audio series ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen.

But then I wanted to listen to some music.  Not Band of Horses, because we always listen to that (though I highly recommend both of their albums).

So I put on ‘In Utero’, the last studio album by Kurt Cobain’s famous group.

Suddenly, it all returns.  With every crunch of guitar chords, I’m brought back to the rockin’ 90’s.  It’s my first day at a new elementary school in Newmarket, and I’m wearing my super-cool pre-ripped jeans with sewn patches beneath the knees.  My bangs have grown out to my mother’s dismay, and hang in my face, hiding my eyes.  Grunge city, yeah.


Back in Toronto, I walk and sing along with ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, my favourite song of 1993.  The year I turned 10.

So who’s the Nirvana of today for the pre-teens?  Surely not the Jonas Brothers?

I miss those days; ’twas a time before 10 year-olds got their musical inspiration from the Disney Channel.

And when big brothers were sooo cool.

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