You know when you dream a dream because of a conversation you had before you fell asleep? Or something you read? Or a film you saw?

My man and I were making the Lebanese dish ful madames when he asked me to find some garlic in the fridge. The clove I found was huge, ginormous. “Looks like it was genetically modified,” I quipped. He agreed. We finished cooking, ate our delicious food and I fell asleep an hour later.

Then the dream.

I can’t remember much except that I might have been on a trip of some sort with various friends over the years… and someone had packed my lunch. When I looked at the food, there was one item that really caught my eye. I took it out of the lunch bag and held it up to examine it.

It was a large, overripe fruit that looked like a red pepper, but grafted onto it with whitish threads was a tiny strawberry. Someone told me it was a “strawberry-peach”. I did NOT want to eat it, but I just sort of held it up, twirling it around while it oozed onto the floor.

Then I woke up.

The “strawberry-peach” for some reason reminds me of a film I saw years ago, where a man develops a boil on his neck which grows and transforms into a face, soon becoming his evil alter-ego. The film is called ‘How To Get Ahead in Advertising’ or for the pun-lovers, ‘How to Get a HEAD in Advertising’.



Have a great day!  Watch what you eat. 🙂

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