I’ve started singing in German.  (But don’t expect a Larra Skye original song in the language just yet.)

Sometime in 2008, I was looking around for a vocal coach on the world wide web, and found one that seemed to be reputable and all that good stuff.  I arranged an appointment in Toronto.  I won’t go into the details, but let me tell you that it was one of the weirdest experiences in my life.  And weird in a bad way.  Once my hour-long “lesson” was over and I high-tailed it out of there, I got to thinking.  Maybe it was time to look for technical training in the most obvious of places — the Royal Conservatory of Music.

I only intended at first to take a few lessons as a refresher course.  But now after finding the right teacher, I am sold!  I’ve even enrolled myself in a grade level exam.  So nice to be a student in something again.

Here is one of the songs I will be singing, in German.  I found this great YouTube clip and it’s actually in the same key that I will be performing in.  The song is Schubert’s ‘An den mond’ (Song to the Moon):

Learning German has been quite a ride so far.  I don’t know the language, so memorizing the words is done by sound association for me.  Lots of listening and fine-tuning to correct my pronunciation.  At first I was hesitant, but I’m so glad I accepted the challenge — it’s proving to be a lot more fun than I expected!

The other song I’m singing is so gorgeous lyrically, with sensitive, modern music to match.  Here are the words, by the famous Robert Louis Stevenson.  The music is composed by Winifred Bury, but I can’t find anything online to post here.

I will make you brooches and toys for your delight
Of bird-song at morning and star-shine at night.
I will make a palace fit for you and me
Of green days in forests and blue days at sea.

I will make my kitchen, and you shall keep your room,
Where white flows the river and bright blows the broom,
And you shall wash your linen and keep your body white
In rainfall at morning and dewfall at night.

And this shall be for music when no one else is near,
The fine song for singing, the rare song to hear!
That only I remember, that only you admire,
Of the broad road that stretches and the roadside fire.
Have a great long weekend,

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