It’s quarter to ten on a Sunday morning and as I’m typing this, I’m wondering why I’m up so early!

Last night my band and I performed at the Rex Jazz & Blues Bar, on Queen Street in Toronto.  The Rex has been around forever, and attracts jazz fans and tourists, young and old, casual or dressy.  It’s always nice to see who comes to the shows.  I meet people from the UK, South America, Japan… Calgary – and of course plenty of Torontonians.

I love playing music live on stage.  Even doing the jazz/pop original music that we play, there is so much improvisation that goes on – trading scat with the saxophonist (Luis), changing endings to the songs, switching up the feel of a tune and going with the ‘vibe’ – y’know?  It rejuvenates me and  puts me in high spirits.  To quote a favourite UK soul tune – “there’s nothing like this”!

Here are some photos of the Larra Skye Quintet, Saturday July 25th at the Rex.  All photos taken by the masterful Greg King.

Thank you to those who filled the room and listened.


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