“… another of Canada’s fine young female jazz singer / songwriters.”

“Larra Skye brings more passion to her singing, and injects more fun into her performances than another one of her peers Sophie Milman, and during her gig at the Rex the crowd quickly warmed up to, not only Skye’s music but her personable demeanor.  One would think in time, if promoted correctly, Skye should eventually exceed Milman’s popularity, which is not a diss of Milman as an artist, as she has devoted fans on both sides of the Canadian – American border, but it is more a tip of the hat to Skye.”

[note from LS:  I think Sophie Milman is super talented, so this comes as a huge compliment].

“The combination of Skye’s smoky vocals and pianist Dave Restivo’s solo, evoked a passionate response from the appreciative crowd.”

In contrast to her sultry vocals on “All Or Nothing At All,” Skye’s phrasing was both tender and romantic as she performed her original piece “Turn Up The Stars,” from her The World Disappears CD. Skye sang the lines “Sweep me off my feet / If you say that you love me / Say it’s forever,” with authenticity.”

There is an appropriate line in “Whisper A Secret,” also from Skye’s album, “The smoky jazz groove hits me like a heartbeat,” that accurately describes her vocals as she accompanied herself on acoustic guitar, while singing the love letter. Larra Skye’s ability to permit herself to be vulnerable in front of her audience, allows those who are in love to remember why, and creates a yearning among those who are not.”

Larra Skye was also believable and reflective, as though she were recalling personal memories, while covering The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life.”  She was accompanied only by her pianist, as they presented a stripped down version of the song that she first performed on CIUT Radio in Toronto, two years ago, during a tribute to The Beatles.”

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