Warren Beatty

Pull Me In
(C) 2009 Larra Skye

Wipe that smile off your face
I don’t have time for games
I want a man to hold me tight
Not just a lover for one night

I tried to look away
When I saw you just the other day
But oh you kill me with those eyes
I think I need to pray

You pull me in
In the wrong direction
And I don’t know if this is a fight I can win
You pull me in
In the wrong direction
Like a hot summer sun
You feel good
But you’re bad for my skin
Mmm, you pull me in

You were always at the downtown cafe
That I went to almost every day
Held all your women by the hearts
Your lying was an art

Yesterday you sat alone
And I felt your gaze shoot through my bones
I shook my head and had to run
Before I too was won


Modern-day Casanova
Dont want to be another page in your book
Your smile is warm but it’s not sincere
You can’t conquer me with a line
I’ve heard you speak many times


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