I can’t say I’m disappointed with the name my parents gave me, but when it comes to spelling it out or pronouncing it — here’s where it gets confusing.

So to clear things up, this blog post is all about my name.  My hard-to-spell, uncommon name.

It’s Larra Skye, with two R’s and an “e” at the end of Sky.  Not Lara Sky, Laura Sky, Lara Skye, Larra Sky, or Laura Skye.

It’s pronounced “Lar-rah” (like the word ‘car’), not “Lair-ah” or “Laura”.

The name Larra was given to me by my Russian mother; a fan of the film Dr. Zhivago (and the main character, Lara).

Skye is my middle name, and one I’ve always associated with my musical self.

And yes, my name has been misspelled as ‘Larry’. 🙂

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