Here are some fellow singer-songwriters I collaborated with for my upcoming album, Wishing Tree.

Stacey Kaniuk & Gavin Slate

Larra Skye with Stacey Kaniuk and Gavin Slate

Peter Katz

Larra Skye and Peter Katz


Marcel Aymar

Larra Skye et Marcel Aymar


Karen Kosowski

Larra Skye and Karen Kosowski





In the new year, you’ll be able to HEAR the songs we wrote.  Wishing Tree is coming soon!

indie-pop folk jazz happenings at the rivoli tomorrow in toronto – i’m playing a set of my tunes with fantastic guitarist/singer tom juhas.

april 7/11 at 9 pm sharp

we’re being filmed too.. come out be part of the cheering squad.  $10.  doors at 8:30 pm.  with sara kamin, trevor campbell and monolisa.

hear the songs before we record them this JUNE!  so excited!


At the beginning of the month, an interview and live performance was broadcast on CBC Radio 1 99.1 FM.

For fans of the Toronto Vegetarian Association, I was a guest on their podcast this month. You can hear it at the link below. We talk at great length about many things, and at roughly 14:30 I sing a live solo version of “Pull Me In” (to be on my new album “Wishing Tree”).

Also I was interviewed for the City of Toronto’s Live with Culture blog. Read it here:


I can’t say I’m disappointed with the name my parents gave me, but when it comes to spelling it out or pronouncing it — here’s where it gets confusing.

So to clear things up, this blog post is all about my name.  My hard-to-spell, uncommon name.

It’s Larra Skye, with two R’s and an “e” at the end of Sky.  Not Lara Sky, Laura Sky, Lara Skye, Larra Sky, or Laura Skye.

It’s pronounced “Lar-rah” (like the word ‘car’), not “Lair-ah” or “Laura”.

The name Larra was given to me by my Russian mother; a fan of the film Dr. Zhivago (and the main character, Lara).

Skye is my middle name, and one I’ve always associated with my musical self.

And yes, my name has been misspelled as ‘Larry’. 🙂

A look back on 2010.  Happy new year!

Winterfolk Festival (photo: PJ Slack)

Canadian Music Week Festival (photo: Sevrina Fernandes)

Video shoot with Spencer Heath & Simona Mindy (photos: Simona Mindy)

Video still


Hemingway’s old haunt..

Sitges, Spain; close to Barcelona

After a soccer game in Barcelona!

Becel Ride for Heart – after the rain.  Thank you to my sponsors for helping me raise over 1,000!

Acoustic Beatles duo – me and Kevin Zarnett.  Fun fun fun.

Gigging with Limehouse & Jason Wilson (below)

‘Lara’ on the poster.. that’s okay, I’m used to it by now..

Windfall Ecology Festival show in Newmarket, Ontario

Toronto Jazz Festival & mandolin debut 🙂

I don’t think this record is going to play…

Canola fields forever…

This is Lake Huron, believe it or not.. beautiful!

That’s a LOT of balloons.  With Kevin Zarnett before performing acoustic Beatles songs for a cool crowd!

Recording with Limehouse

With Sunray Grennan

On tour in Portland, OR – waterfall…

Marquee in Seattle, WA

Vancouver, BC

The Cellar in Vancouver

CBC Taping with the band

Host Garvia Bailey

Beautiful, snowy Montreal

.. all the best for 2011!

– Larra

Had a lovely time playing the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival again this year.

Here are some photos (thanks to Christopher Lansing):

I was fortunate to have two special guests for our show; David Occhipinti on guitar and Jessica Stuart on vocals.  David ended up playing an entire set with the band.  He’ll be joining me again next Wednesday at Clinton’s for a duo gig.  He sounds great on my original tunes!

Here is a video of us doing a cover of the Gnarlz Barkley tune ‘Crazy’ (the Shawn Colvin version), featuring Jessica Stuart on vocals:

Peace & love,

Warren Beatty

Pull Me In
(C) 2009 Larra Skye

Wipe that smile off your face
I don’t have time for games
I want a man to hold me tight
Not just a lover for one night

I tried to look away
When I saw you just the other day
But oh you kill me with those eyes
I think I need to pray

You pull me in
In the wrong direction
And I don’t know if this is a fight I can win
You pull me in
In the wrong direction
Like a hot summer sun
You feel good
But you’re bad for my skin
Mmm, you pull me in

You were always at the downtown cafe
That I went to almost every day
Held all your women by the hearts
Your lying was an art

Yesterday you sat alone
And I felt your gaze shoot through my bones
I shook my head and had to run
Before I too was won


Modern-day Casanova
Dont want to be another page in your book
Your smile is warm but it’s not sincere
You can’t conquer me with a line
I’ve heard you speak many times


When I finished high school, I couldn’t wait to leave my medium-sized town to move to Toronto.  I was 19 years old, and the city held promises of new friends, late nights, live music everywhere you looked, and above all, freedom.  I didn’t want to live in the university dormitories (I cringed at the whole concept of frosh week), so I moved into my older brother’s house on the Danforth and took the subway to my bookstore job and to my school.

Seven years in, I still love my city of Toronto —  but now I enjoy escaping to the quiet life outside the 416 area code.

My parents live in the country now.  Not in Newmarket, where new subdivision homes are being built in the blink of an eye. No, they live a bit further away.  A few hours further.  Take one road, then another, and then stay on that road for more than 100 clicks.

It’s so beautiful.  Simply beautiful.

And here’s where I find the differences between country and city.

You know you’re in the country when…

1.  You have to clear the snow from your driveway with a tractor, as evidenced below (my stepdad is driving this):

2.  You have three cats and a dog.  In our Toronto apartment, not even one pet is practical.  My kid sister took these photos before I could tell her not to use the camera “flash” directly in the animals’ eyes (but aren’t these animals beautiful?):

3.  You’re going to sleep and you don’t hear anything.

In the city, there are no shortage of noises — buses, cars, neighbours, the annoying motorcycle driver who speeds by your bedroom window at 3 a.m….

When I travel north, I leave the sounds behind.  This allows me to create new sounds that turn into new songs.  My latest song, “Don’t Think, Just Feel” (unreleased) was finished during my last trip to the country.  It’s a nice place to put your thoughts in order.  Aside from the four animals running about, it’s generally quiet and peaceful.

Enjoy the photos below of the winter wonderland that is Grey County, Ontario.  The first one looks like the surface of the moon to me (minus the glare from the window).

Now I’m turning on my electric guitar amp to practise for my Canadian Music Week (CMW) showcase with my new muse, the Epiphone Sheraton.  I’m back in the city, after all.  The acoustic guitar can stay in its case for the time being.


My good friend Kevin Zarnett (above) and I recently recorded some quick tunes for a Beatles project we’re involved in — two guitars, and two voices.  We perform the Beatles songbook at private events / corporate / weddings.  Here are two of my favourites; “Here Comes the Sun” and “Let It Be”.  Enjoy.  If you’re interested in bookings, please contact

Here Comes the Sun

Let It Be